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Fall Junior Golf Camp – November 13th – 17th


Modesto Municipal Golf Course
Nov 13th – 17th Cost_ $75 per player
Includes, back pack, prizes, snacks and waters. Certified Golf Instructors
John Griston & Kayla Grey

Day 1 – Learn Fundamentals – Review golf skills
Day 2 – Chipping/Pitching – Player techniques
Day 3 – Full Swing /Chipping – Golf Skill Testing
Day 4  – Building on day 3  with Rules & Videos
Day  5 – Tournament,Pictures & Awards Day.

Cost: $75 – Includes 5 days of instruction, snacks, drinks, course play, prizes & logo backpack

John Griston, Director of Programs 209-535-2656



“Pee Wee” level is an introductory level to The First Tee learning atmosphere.  We start participants with plastic clubs and tennis balls to help them gain an understanding of safety and confidence before moving into using real golf equipment.  Our coaches ensure all kids share in The First Tee experience of having fun while you learn during all the activities and lessons. Upon completion of Pee Wee level, players are then eligible for Player level class.  All Pee Wee players receive a certificate of completion for the 9 week course.

The First Tee certification Levels PLAYer thru ACE (age 7 thru 17)

each level participants will receive study guides called “yardage Books”

“Player” level creates a learning environment for kids of (ages 7-17) to build upon as they progress through and advance to the next level within the golf & life skills instruction.  The golf fundamental instruction focuses on short game golf skills and developing a proper grip, stance and aim.  This level also focuses on The First Tee Nine Core Values.  All lessons are delivered seamlessly to help participants learn how to demonstrate and model not only golf skills but all The First Tee Nine Core Values by end of their 9 week session. Some program locations may have sub-levels of Player such as Player 1 (age 6-7), Player 2 (age 7-9) etc.  These sub-level classes allow coaches to serve consistent age/skill levels of participants.


“Par” level emphasis is on learning interpersonal and communication skills. The lessons involve building upon character traits such as, Respect, Courtesy and Responsibility. Golf fundamentals taught are full swing mechanics, distance control, alignment and reinforcement of basic grip, stance and aim from PLAYer level.  Respecting the rules (The First Tee Code of Conduct &, USGA Golf Rules and Etiquette) are taught throughout the entire 9 week session.


“Birdie”  level participants learn how to start creating goals and learning the steps towards achieving them through goal setting activities.  Their First lesson Dreams and Goals – Dreams are stories we tell ourselves about the things wewish for. Goals are things we actually have to do to make our dreams come true.



Eagle” level  involves Wellness – The concept of overall health and well being or “wellness.” Wellness includes physical, mental, emotional, and social components. Golf fundamentals involve on course strategies, fitness and tournament preparation.  Eagle level participants spend more on on one time with our coaches at clinics.  They are also deeply involved in junior council leadership within the chapter.  Learning valuable leadership skills to help them in the future.